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The Story

Tower Grove Park is a place for everyone! It’s where a child’s frown turns upside down. Where an intimate picnic becomes the party-of-the-year. Where the young and the young-at-heart can enjoy grass under their feet, wind in their hair and barbecue in their bellies. Park People make these moments happen.

Tower Grove Park is managed completely by its own independent staff. In fact, support from the City of St. Louis only comprises a portion of the Park’s budget—over a million additional dollars must be raised each year to maintain this National Historic Landmark, sustain our tree collection, and operate the Park. Our members, or "Park People" help fill this gap - we are inviting you to become a park person today!


Build Community:

Build community for 2.5 million visitors who enjoy the Park’s accessible and bustling spaces. From the farmers’ market and play areas, to running, kickball and tennis, and events such as the Festival of Nations and Tower Grove Pride, there are endless opportunities to bring people together here.

Steward the Environment:

Make an environmental impact for 289 acres of flora and fauna. The Park is one of only 74 level-II arboretums in the world, and is home to two state champion trees —the Swamp Privet and Bigtooth Aspen—and the Gaddy Wild Bird Garden, a habitat for more than 200 bird species.

Preserve History:

Preserve history as of one of only seven historic landmark parks in the U.S. and the largest collection of Victorian pavilions in the world. Patrons of the Park are able to use the historic pavilions for a beautiful, affordable place to gather.

Help Tower Grove Park fill our funding gap, and continue to pass our legacy on to future generations. If Tower Grove Park holds special memories for you, or gives you the opportunity to exercise, play, and enjoy nature - please consider becoming a Park Person today! 


Donation Levels
10000 Donors
Park Friend: Benefits include biannual newsletter and invitation and discounts to signature events, plus an annual gift— a park green thermos.
10000 Donors
Park Contributor: Benefits include Park Friend benefits plus free reservation for the Lily Pond Shelter.
10000 Donors
Park Advocate: Benefits include Park Contributor benefits plus two day-passes for the tennis courts (prior reservation required).
10000 Donors
Park Sponsor: Benefits include Park Advocate benefits plus free reservation for one of the large Victorian pavilions (prior reservation required).
10000 Donors
Park Patron: Benefits include Park Sponsor benefits plus a docent tour of the Park (prior reservation required).
10000 Donors
Park Benefactor: Benefits include Park Patron benefits plus a half-hour carriage ride (prior reservation required).
10000 Donors
Tower Grove Guardian: Benefits include Park Benefactor benefits plus lunch with the Park's Executive Director (prior reservation required).