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The Story


When Covid-19 brought the entire world to a near standstill, a group of students and their mentors from every corner of the globe refused to let it stop them from looking into the world’s issues and the work of the United Nations. They took action to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. MUN Impact’s student-led, online platform was quickly implemented to give thousands of students the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with their peers around the world.

Two of MUN Impact’s adult mentors, Andrew Newman and Shannon Koropchak, were inspired by these students to tackle a 100-mile bike ride to raise awareness of MUN Impact and to raise funds to continue its work connecting students everywhere as they bring attention to the priorities set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Cody Eckert, MUN Impact’s Director of Global Operations, was, in turn, inspired by the hundred-mile bike ride. Sadly, though, Cody would be the first to say he has never been described as athletic. He could, he decided, walk and/or hike!

With MUN Impact’s upcoming MUN Global Summit 2.0 around the corner, Cody came up with the idea to Summit for the Summit! He has the 10,066’ elevation of California’s Mt. Baldy in his sights!

MUN Impact’s first global summit was an astounding success with over 1800 virtual attendees representing over 100 countries. What had, in the past, been held as in-person conferences were transformed into a three-day Zoom conference with young people tuning in via computer, tablets, and cell phones! These student ambassadors interacted with one another to work toward understanding each other and finding ways to solve these issues, together.

In October, MUN Impact will host its Global Summit 2.0: Driving Action & Impact for the SDGs. It will include three exciting focus areas: 1. Inspiring students to take action and transform the theoretical into the practical, 2. Helping students develop their ideas for initiatives they can undertake in their communities, and 3. The Dolphin Pool where students can pitch their initiatives to experts in social innovation.

When you donate to MUN Impact, you are helping and encouraging the young people of MUN Impact to engage with their communities, their countries, and their world through meaningful interactions with like-minded youth.

These young people already know they have the power to change the future: Please consider supporting them so they can begin today!

The Challenge:

Join the team! Cody challenges YOU to join him by venturing to the highest point wherever you are, whether it’s a mountain, a hill, or even taking the steps up to the top of the tallest nearby building. If hiking or walking isn’t your thing, just challenge yourself to do anything physical - maybe join in a beach cleanup or participate in a voter registration drive - anything that will get you moving and inspired. Be sure to take photos and share them on social media with the hashtag #summit4thesummit and tag MUN Impact for a chance to be featured at future events.


Why support MUN Impact and the Global Summit 2.0? We’ll let our students speak for themselves!

“The MUN Impact Global Summit was an amazing experience! I thoroughly enjoyed all the incredible presenters as well as the diversity of each session. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about the SDGs. Thank you MUN Impact and everyone involved for organizing the 2020 Summit! Cannot wait for the next one!”

-Serwaa, Canada

“I was immediately amazed when two teenagers my age presented their project to other attendees and myself during my third workshop of this conference. It gave me motivation and reminded me that, as a teenager myself, I already have resources to make a change and that I should take advantage of them. I found that the real impact this summit had on me is that it connected me to teenagers eager to make a change and raise awareness on important societal issues, like myself, all around the world.”

-Christopher, Lebanon

“I put a lot of effort in this summit. I was a participant, a member of the summit vetting committee, and an admin. Being in different roles and having many responsibilities pushed me to be more sociable and confident. I'm so inspired by all the sessions I've been in and I can't thank MUN Impact enough for giving me lots of opportunities where I could grow in many ways. I can't wait to be involved in future events.”

-Defne, Turkey

“I sat down ready to attend my first workshop. I looked over at the number of participants. As I sat there in a house, present below the night sky I kept reminding myself of the people that were joining me on this platform. The culturally diverse participants and intellectuals with various beliefs and thoughts, looking at the same expansive sky and looking forward to changing the world. I was also reminded of a very important fact by Andrea van Herk, that change starts from within. It was a great, enlightening, and inspiring experience. I genuinely thank you all.”

-Yeabfikir, Ethiopia




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