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Empower Students to Create a Cycle of Change that Goes Around the World
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The Story

Donate now to empower students around the globe to collaborate and take action to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues!

When Covid-19 shut down schools around the world, a group of 1300 students from 86 countries refused to be discouraged by the isolation and significant challenges emerging around them.

Instead, they turned to their interests in global issues and the work of the United Nations and took action to address some of the world’s great challenges. Through MUN Impact’s student-led, online platform they mentored each other by sharing research and collaboration skills, they participated in online debates, they conferenced and asked challenging questions of real UN officials, experts, and activists – all so that they could be even more effective problem solvers in their local communities.

Over the past few months they’ve tackled achieving universal access to safe and affordable drinking water, eliminating violence against women and girls, ending epidemics and combatting communicable diseases, promoting environmentally sound technologies in developing countries, and eliminating human trafficking to protect migrants and refugees.

In other words, through their hard work and dedication to learning and taking action they inspired their adult mentors to do more.

Therefore, Andrew Newman (Mr. Newman) and Shannon Koropchak (Dr. K.), two teachers and sponsors of a Model United Nations program in St. Louis, Missouri decided to embark upon their own local research and exercise campaign. They decided to learn more and raise awareness about the great work being done in their community that addresses the priorities of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals such as Health and Well Being, Climate Action, and Quality Education.

They hope, through a 100-mile bike ride, to highlight the organizations they research to promote healthy living and greater community awareness during the pandemic, and to raise funds for the awe-inspiring students at MUN Impact. While Mr. Newman and Dr. K. will train for a century ride around St. Louis, they invite students worldwide to create their own fitness and learning journeys to discover new and exciting organizations in their communities that support a stronger planet through the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

When you donate to MUN Impact today, you are setting a cycle of positive change into motion!

These youth already know that they have the power to change the future; they need your support so that they can start today.

Why support MUN Impact? We’ll let our students speak for themselves.

"MUN Impact has taught me how to be a good (human). The support and motivation from my peers and superiors is unmatched. For the first time in my life I feel like my voice truly matters. I have been part of many other organizations that have shot my ideas down, or not given me the chance to express myself. The MUNI community, conversely, has elevated my voice and encouraged me to take action and make my ideas realities. MUN Impact is not just "talk" it's "do". It's not just an NGO, it's a family. It's not just here to educate, but rather inspire. MUN Impact has truly humbled me; it is with this organization that I have truly found home."

- Zoey, USA

"While Ms. Eluere from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees gave her presentation, her words helped illuminate a path for me, to help clarify the age old question, “what do you want to be”. I have a memory of wanting to be part of an organization that allowed me to help people, but never really thought about it until I started my first MUN@Home program, participating in talks and meeting amazing people who all want to be part of something bigger. When Ms. Eluere talked about the refugee crisis and their personal challenges in camps my mind flashed and I knew then and there what I wanted to do with my life. What makes MUN Impact so awesome is the feeling of having the (Power) to help, to learn to value; to see that we’re very fortunate, and to build a family far from home."

- Alehna, Mexico

"There is an old Chinese saying, "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." One of the inspirational change-makers I met through MUN Impact started his own NGO and helped build a school in Africa. He is “just” a high school student! These inspirational stories and experiences of students and change-makers in MUN Impact has given me the hope that we youth are the future of the world and showed me what I would like to achieve in my life for a sustainable and better world. What makes MUN Impact awesome is the platform they have created for the youth to connect with each other and connect with real UN representatives, ambassadors, and change-makers. Just like the old Chinese saying, MUN Impact has opened the door to success for me."

- Mostafa, Qatar

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