Microfinancing Partners in Africa - Prevent Childbirth-Related Deaths in Uganda during COVID-19
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The Story

Having a baby in Uganda is 21 times more deadly than having a baby in the United States.

For every 100,000 women who give birth in Uganda, 375 of them will die just in the process of giving birth. Now with COVID-19, things have become even more dangerous. The country has prohibited private transportation as a way to contain the virus - no buses, no taxis. These women in extreme poverty live in remote areas with no doctors. A mother-to-be is now left to walk - often 3-10 miles - from her rural home to a village health center to have her baby. And they’re not making it. Many are dying. In Uganda, it is more deadly now than ever before to become a mother.

Your donation of just $20 will save two lives by providing emergency transportation. A donation of $100 will save ten lives.

Scovia Nakawooya was a Ugandan woman who was due to deliver her baby during the COVID-19 lockdown. Her unborn child died inside her as she struggled for 90 minutes to reach a hospital on foot. She then died hours later. Scovia’s family had begged drivers to take her to the hospital, but no one was willing to violate the ban (Reuters, 2020).* 

In late-stage labor, Scovia was still walking, trying to get help for herself and her baby.  She didn’t make it. There are thousands just like Scovia, and we are in a unique position to save their lives right now.  

MicroFinancing Partners in Africa is providing emergency relief to women like Scovia in response to the critical need presented by the COVID 19 crisis. Through our active village health center programs in Masaka, Uganda, your donation enables professional midwives to arrange ambulance transport for mothers in labor. This allows these pregnant women to have their babies in a safe environment.  

The cost of ambulance transport averages just $20 US round trip. That’s $20 to save two lives, a mother and her baby. We have an urgent need to raise $30,000 to help 1500 Ugandan women have a healthy and safe delivery.

Please consider helping one woman & baby get to the health center for $20. Better yet, save ten lives for just $100.

We need your help to get the word out! After you donate, please post about your generosity on your social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

This is what we all want—a team of health providers who are empowered to make a difference, to save lives, so that when this pandemic subsides, these mothers will be raising their children in a world where we all helped with a hand-up. If we do our part, they can do theirs. We are so grateful for your support!



* View Reuters article

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